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Sustainable Energy Solution Project

With an increasing demand for electricity to support operational activity the University is taking positive action to offset its energy requirements by installing a Sustainable Energy Solution.  The 1.998 megawatt solar project represents a cost effective use of resource and funding offsetting peak daytime grid electricity consumption as well as significantly reducing the University’s total carbon emissions in the order of 20 per cent.

The solar solution delivers not only a measurable reduction in short and long-term energy related costs for the university but also provides a significant platform for research, learning and teaching.  

Stage One of the project will begin with the construction of a 1.09 megawatt integrated solar car park as well as the installation of roof mounted array and battery storage on the Engineering and Surveying Building on the Toowoomba campus.  

Stage One -  Toowoomba Campus

  • System Size -  1095 kW
  • Quantity of Panels – 3842 x 285WGeneration – Minimum energy output 1,825,869kWh/year
  • Annual Carbon Offset approximately 1 479 tCO2-e
  • Battery Storage – LG Chemical

Stage Two -  Ipswich Campus – Roof Mount Array 

  • System Size -  196.8kW
  • Quantity of Panels 690 x 285W (Jinko Panels)
  • Generation - Minimum energy output 329,901kWh/year
  • Annual Carbon Offset approximately 267 tCO2-e

          Springfield – Roof Mount Array

  • System Size – 301.8kW
  • Quantity of Panels – 943 x 320W (High Efficiency LG Neon)
  • Generation - Minimum energy output 509,233kWh/year
  • Annual Carbon Offset approximately 412 tCO2-e

Stage Three - Toowoomba Roof Mount Array

  • Building R & F Block
  • System Size -  409.9kW
  • Quantity of Panels 1438 x 285W (Jinko Panels)
  • Generation - Minimum energy output 702,120kWh/year
  • Annual Carbon Offset approximately 568 tCO2-e

The solar project actively demonstrates the university’s commitment to its social responsibilities, carbon reduction initiatives and improving the environmental performance of the university across every aspect of its operations.

For further information please contact the Manager- Environmental.