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Multi-faith services

USQ recognises the diversity of religious beliefs represented among its students and staff, and respects the importance of spirituality to good health and wellbeing. The Multi-Faith Service provides students and staff with guidance and resources to foster their spiritual needs in meaningful and practical ways.

Who are the Multi-Faith Service

The USQ Multi-Faith Service supports religious and spiritual life at the university, and can facilitate connection with local faith communities.

Just as students and staff come from an array of backgrounds, our Multi-Faith Service team is a diverse group of professionals who are happy to discuss spirituality in all of its forms.

What is Multi-Faith?

Multi-faith is not a new religion, but an approach to living in a religious and spiritually diverse world. Our Multi-Faith team respect the integrity of different faith traditions and seek affinity with aspects of more than one religion, philosophy or world-view, believing that none is superior to another.

The Multi-Faith Service offer:

  • spiritual guidance
  • religious studies
  • support in bridging a spiritual life with academic development
  • provide resources for students and staff
  • direction to spiritual and religious services around the USQ campuses and for students studying externally.
The university adopts a model with an approach of respect for various faiths, so as to respond to the different religious and spiritual needs of students and staff. Aiming for a more integrated, holistic approach, the specific needs of particular faith groups based on their tradition and specific religious requirements are also respected, and, where possible, assistance in cooperation with or referral to various religious bodies will be provided.