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Online employability resources

Vieple Video Interviewing

In such a competitive global job market video interviewing is fast becoming the preferred way for employers and graduate recruiters to short list candidates. Vieple is a live video interviewing process where candidates can undertake a job interview no matter where they are located at a time that suits them. 

Many graduate employers use video interviewing to screen candidates before a face-to-face interview.  Using video interviewing helps employers find and attract the right candidates and can get a better idea about the candidates’ fit for the company. 

To ensure students are ready for this new technology we are offering a limited amount of licences to help students prepare for this digital change. 

If you’re interested in trialling the new Vieple video interviewing technology please complete the expression of Interest form.

Graduate Employability Program

Improve your employability and learn the key skills and attributes employers are looking for from today’s graduates. 

The Graduate Employability Program is a series of interactive online lessons available to students to help you prepare for your future workforce. 

The program is designed to build your awareness of the skills and attributes employers are looking for in outstanding gradates. The Graduate Employability Program can help you stand out of the crowd and give you the key skills you need to succeed. 

These online modules are short and interactive. You can access them anywhere at any time.

Learn how to stand out in today’s competitive graduate market.
Prepare for graduate employment and build your confidence by applying your knowledge.
Understand your professional brand and learn how you can boost your employability through this awareness.
Understand career management skills and how to strengthen your employability 
Be formally rewarded with credit for the Phoenix Award

How to register
To gain access to the online modules complete the Expression of Interest form on AcceSS. 

Resume and Cover letter advice

A resume is a marketing tool and part of your personal brand. Use it to make an impression and stand out above your competitors. There needs to be evidence that you have the skills, abilities and experience needed for that specific organisation and job. 

Attention and recruitment time have decreased and employers will spend approximately 10 seconds scanning a resume before it is short listed or rejected, therefore you need to ensure you are marketing yourself to your full potential. 

 A Careers Officer is available to review your job application documents. To submit your Resume and/or Cover Letter online for review, access the Resume and Cover letter advice workflow

Industry Experience

The USQ Industry Experience Program has been designed to assist students to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of their career opportunities. 

This program is a practical learning-based industry experience program that allows an organisation to host a student for unpaid industry experience up to 30 days over a designated period of time. 

Find out more of what the Industry Experience Program is about, and register your interest in the program via the Industry Experience Program workflow

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