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Fund a scholarship

Funding a scholarship with USQ can have a profound impact. Our scholarships raise aspirations and unlock the potential of talented people from all walks of life, helping students of all ages and backgrounds to access a University education and reach their full potential.

USQ scholarships create a special relationship between donors, business and industry, the University and its students. A scholarship can honour the memory of a loved one or colleague, it can be an excellent way to raise the profile of a business or promote an organisation as an employer of choice. Scholarships can connect students with potential employers and provide an avenue for individuals or groups to be actively involved with the University.

Cash scholarships are used by students in a variety of ways including towards the cost of text books, internet, living expenses or program fees. They can even contribute towards child care and other support services to help free students to focus on their studies. 

Often the cash benefit of a scholarship or bursary provides relief for students in part-time or casual employment, thereby enabling them to devote more time to their studies. This can mean better results and faster progression through their course. Even small sums, and the knowledge they have a sponsor's support, can make a huge difference to the student.

A scholarship can sometimes include elements other than cash, for example, a work placement or internship, mentoring, development of career networks, paid employment while studying and even employment upon graduation.

USQ offers a variety of scholarships, bursaries and prizes to new and continuing students in a range of discipline areas. While the exact amount, duration and non-cash benefits of each award is different, they generally fall into the following categories:

  • a prize is an award of up to $1000
  • a bursary is an award of $1000 - $4999
  • a scholarship is an award of $5000 and above.

Fixed term or recurring gifts

A fixed term or recurring gift offers certainty and security to both the University and its scholarship students. For example, a pledge of $50,000 could support a $10,000 scholarship annually for five years. The higher the annual scholarship amount, the greater the financial relief for the student, and the greater the impact.

If you would like to make a profound impact on someone’s life by funding a scholarship, please contact USQ Advancement.