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USQ Student Endowment Fund

The capacity of students to financially support themselves and their families is a major factor in their decision to study. It also has a significant impact on the speed with which they are able to progress successfully in their studies

Higher education is becoming increasingly expensive and, to some students, this is pushing their dreams further out of reach. 

As one of the most accessible and inclusive universities in Australia, USQ has some of the highest rates of disadvantaged students in the country. They feel the burden of these costs most keenly. For many, even a small amount of financial assistance can mean the difference between finishing a degree or dropping out. 

The USQ Student Endowment Fund has been established to provide an ongoing source of financial support for students, to enable learners to pursue their studies, regardless of their background, location or stage in life.

The Fund offers a smart and sustainable way to finance scholarships, bursaries, prizes and grants in perpetuity. The principal remains in the fund, earning a steady, reliable income, while the income earned provides bursaries and scholarships for students on an annual basis.

The University has committed $5 million to the Fund and will provide up to a further $10 million to match private donations to the fund on a dollar-for-dollar basis in its first three years (total commitment of $15 million).

As the Fund grows, income earned will finance more and more scholarships.

Major gifts

While every gift, no matter what its size, makes a difference, a major gift to the USQ Student Endowment Fund could have a profound impact.

In addition to monetary donations, the University also accepts major gifts of valuable items such as art and real estate, which can be sold with the proceeds going into the Fund.

Nursing bursaries

Since 2010, the USQ Nursing Clinical Placement Fund has helped nursing students to cover the costs associated with completing rural and remote clinical placements.

A major component of a nursing student’s contact hours are devoted to clinical practice in large, psychiatric and country hospitals, nursing homes, community health services, special clinics and rehabilitation centres. A large number of students on crucial rural and remote placements must pay for their own accommodation, meals and travel costs. They are often unable to earn income while they are away from home, increasing the financial pressure on them and their families.

This very important support program is now one of the principal beneficiaries of the USQ Student Endowment Fund.

Making a donation

Anyone in Australia or overseas can donate to the USQ Student Endowment Fund – individuals, families, groups, corporations and even charities.

Donations greater than $2 may be tax deductible for anyone subject to Australian Taxation Law.

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact USQ Advancement.